Tuesday, March 24, 2009

what's up

We're havin' fun around here and we were enjoying the nice warm weather until it got cold again. Oh well though, we still have fun and we're doing some fun planning too!! Aniston will be ready for a big girl bed soon, so I've been thinking up and finding some really fun decor for her big girl room. I just decided on colors and I found a really cute craft that I am working on. Once it's done I'll post pictures if it looks cute. We're also trying to decided on some vacations for the summer, and I really can't wait for the warm weather to be here to STAY for a few months!! Here's some pics of our recent adventures!

New hair cuts...thanks Lacy!! Chris has wanted me to "flip" Aniston's hair out, so that's what we did, and it made her look like such a big girl. I think we'll stick to the piggies and bows so I can keep my growing girl lookin' little.

My youngest brother Christain or "Hobar" as Aniston calls him(I'm really not sure why she called him that, but it stuck so that's his name now!!) got his Eagle Scout award and I am so proud of him. He worked really hard and did so good with his project, and I hope he knows just how proud I am of him and how much I love him.

So...I'm NEVER growing up!! I think I had more fun than Aniston did riding this bike around in Grammy and Papa's backyard with Aniston on my lap. Yep that's right I actually peddled this little trike my Grandpa has had as long as I can remember around and around. It was so much fun, and who better to have fun with than my Princess!!

We've been bored inside the last few days with this crummy weather, so I pulled out the markers and ribbon and brought out the stapler and Aniston and I made some Easter decorations for the front door. She was such a good helper and was so proud of our "Happy Easer" sign!!

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Rieck Blog said...

Such cute pictures! It was fun to see you guys for a little bit. I am glad you came to visit!! Hope to see you again soon.