Thursday, September 29, 2011

welcome to the windy city

{Sep. 22-26, 2011}

Aniston and I were able to go to Chicago to visit Shelbi, Scott, and Elsi. Traveling to a new place and being super excited to see those 3, are the only perks to having them live so far away.
I was a little nervous to travel on an airplane alone with Aniston. It went great! Aniston loved it, for the most part. Waiting is difficult, and so is descending. Her ears really bother her and she was in tears for about 30 minutes with no relief. We practically ran through the airport, snagged our luggage as fast as we could, and waited very impatiently for Grammy, Shelbi, and Elsi to pick us up. I don't think I have ever been so excited to see my sister in my entire life! Aniston and I were also very excited to see the little babe, Miss Elsi. She is beautiful...
And Grammy too! We have had a hard time not having her around.
We couldn't wait to get out all the goodies we brought for Elsi. I got my crochet hook out of hiding for a few hats for the little missy.

We were antsie for uncle Scott to get home from work, and once he was home, headed out to get us some authentic Chicago deep dish pizza. Yummmmmmmm!
After the pizza, we came home and got the girls ready for bed. Aniston told Elsi the story of Rupunzel.

Then it was time for good night kisses and bed.

But not before snatching a few photos of this sweet babe...

Shelbi took us on a tour of their old neighborhood in Glen Elyn. It is a darling place with one of the yummiest cafes I've ever been to, Honey. I love the name, the food, the decor, and the cupcakes!

Next stop was a little Zoo/Farm. It was the perfect size and had all of Aniston's favorite animals.

I seriously couldn't get enough of this sweet baby girl...

Aniston loved looking at Elsi too, she would say how stinkin' cute she was and comment on her chubby cheeks.

On Saturday, Scott took us into the city. It was amazing. We hit a few shops including the American Girl store(my favorite, I could have bought every single thing in there!). After the shopping, we sat down and had a polish dog with the greenest relish I have ever seen. I loved visiting the city, it blew me away and it was an experience that made me want to see more of the world, and make sure Aniston sees more too!

It was a lot to take in, and wore us all out!
That night Shelbi and I put the girls in the tub for some much needed scrubbing...

Sunday was extra special, little Elsi was blessed and looked so sweet in her darling dress Grammy made.

This little miss was extra sassy and dramatic this trip. I can't believe how big she is getting, how old she is acting, and how much she's like me. That aside, she's a darling and sweet girl that I just can't get enough of...

We were VERY VERY sad to have to go so soon. Aniston and I stood there and cried after we checked our bags. This trip was amazing!
We were pretty sad the day we left...

Note to self, NEVER buy a bubble drink before getting on a 3 hour flight. Aniston had to go to the bathroom mid-flight. I had told her before we boarded that absolutely no bathroom on the plane and so she needed to only drink a little bit of her drink. She slammed it, had a stomach ache and had to go to the bathroom. I told her no(the fasten seat belt sign was on thank goodness), but the lady sitting by us said they would let her use the bathroom and got up out of her seat to let us out. So off we went. Aniston screamed the whole time we were in there, and hopefully learned her lesson about airplane bathrooms. She fell asleep after that and slept until we landed.


briwh1 said...

Jena thank you for posting this! Elsi is soooo cute. And little miss Aniston is getting so big! We miss you all. O and by the way you look gorgeous!!!! P.S. I would have wanted to buy everything in the American Doll store too!

Ally Cox said...

I am so glad you posted about this! Your pictures are wonderful and lil Elsi is adorable ! I loved the picture of Shelbi holding Elsi and listening to Aniston tell her a story. That is too precious! I am glad you all had fun and got back safely! Hopefully we can see you and that sweet and sassy girl soon!