Friday, April 13, 2012

tour del sol

We were all really excited to get down to sunny STG. Chris was excited to see if his hard work paid off, and I couldn't wait to watch him race and catch some rays. Chris did really well in the TT, the wind gave him a fantastic workout in the crit, and the rain and wind and a cold made it hard for him to want to finish the road race. He did awesome and we had a great time watching!

@ the windy crit gettin' himself a mighty fantastic workout
miss 'tude herself...
the supporters holding onto their signs for dear life. I failed to hold on to a chair and the camera bag. As it went flying onto the track, a fellow supporter helped me out(thank goodness for nice people).
@ the road race, in the wind and rain...

Aniston and I spent a lot of time hanging out in the Jones house thanks to the not so fantastic weather. In our hanging out, she asked to wear my specks. Cute thing!

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