Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Aniston still has the "U" spirit!!

We got to sneak away for a few days this last weekend. We went down to visit friends and family in St. George and had a blast!! We even got to stay in our old apartment and "remember when". We got to visit some great friends and we snuck in a visit to Grandma Cecile.

Aniston got to jam out with Daddy and Uncle Trevor on Rock Band. She did pretty good for her first time!

Nanna Shanna gave Aniston a Cabbage Patch doll and they shared the car seat on our way home. I really don't look forward to long trips with Aniston, she's would much rather be movin' so it makes for a LONG ride. We were surprised that she slept half way on the way down. We were lucky to get her to close her eyes for maybe an hour on the way home...AHHHHHHH!!!

On our way out we had to stop 2 places: #1 Mike, Kristi, and Scarlett's house. We haven't seen them since a week or so after Scarlett was born. Her and Aniston are exactly 1 year apart. She is such a sweet and gorgeous baby, and Aniston liked her toys!
#2 stop was IN AND OUT!! We haven't stopped to eat at the one in St. George, but decided we just had to this time...YUMMY!
Our trip was a lot of fun and I am mad that I didn't get more pictures. We ate dinner with Joe, Kalli, and Presli and the two girls were so cute sitting together munchin' on their dinner. We are excited to see their little boy when he decides it's time to come, and we wish them the best!!

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