Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy NEW Year

Wow I can't believe the holidays are over. It seems like every day goes by faster than the one before, and there are so many things that are fun and NEW that we've be up to. We rang in the new year at my parent's house. My family, minus Chris who worked until 10 and then came to finish off the night with us, got together and made some YUMMY Japanese food. Wow were we all full after that feast, there was so much yummy food that my Mom is still trying to feed us leftovers from it! Then we watched Pirates together and we got so into it that we didn't watch the famous ball drop.
We were able to go snowboarding with some friends a few days ago, and that was a blast!! I haven't been for 2 years so I was really excited to go and see if I could make it down the hill. We made it through the FREEZING day with no major injuries and no lift incidents(my biggest worry is making it off the lift in the upright position). It was so cold that when we started to warm up our fingers and toes would burn so bad it made us want to cry!
Aniston has been learning a bunch of new things and she is growing up so fast. When she does something new or says a new word I am amazed that she knows so much. She talks all the time, except when she is shy which is a new thing. She has to warm up to some people, but she does it pretty fast and then they are best friends!! She is good at repeating things so we have to watch what we say and do. Her favorite thing is still playing in the fridge, and she likes to read books and play with her stuffed animals and ponies. She still talks about Santa and watches out the car window for the "pitty lites". She loves to put on makeup with me and she thinks it's fun to play with my hair. She has always twisted and ran her fingers through her hair when she's tired, so she'll run her fingers through other people's hair when she is falling asleep too. She is starting to seem interested in the toilet, so we're going to start the potty training stuff after she finishes with some tests she has to have done the end of this month.
Her newest words are:
the dreaded "doh"(no)
"pee pooh"(pee you)
"coo key"(cookie)
"doh tootah"(go Utah)
*yes she can tell the difference
"doh di doh"(where'd it go?)
She knows shapes and all her body parts and we're working on colors. She's always down for the tub and loves to help wash. She's a good hand washer, she takes after her mother. She's a big fan of the radio and turns it on so she can dance with her Daddy.
I feel so lucky for all that I have and I am excited for another year of fun and I'm sure there will be a few challenges. We hope everyone enjoyed their New Years and wish you the best in 2009!

We can't forget the Utes game Friday night... WE ARE SO PROUD OF OUR UTES!!
Daddy's idea of a sweet hair style
Aniston organizing the fridge. She pulls everything out of one shelf on the door and lines it up on the bottom of the fridge while she's licking the top if the Parmesan cheese container...OCD maybe?!

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Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

What fun new words!! Good luck with the potty training, it'll be a fun time had by all!! We totally need to get together. . . SOON!