Wednesday, January 14, 2009


WOW! was the reaction last week when we found out that my brother, Stefen, would have to come home from his mission. Total shock and disbelief at the news!! He had told us that he was sick just after he got to Mexico, but he's the type that doesn't complain and you just never know how bad things are. So, since he wasn't getting better with the treatment they were trying in Mexico, he needed to come home and have things taken care of here. He had been having fevers, stomach pain, everything was going right through him, and he was loosing weight that he didn't even have to loose in the first place. He flew home last Friday and WOW, my poor little brother didn't look good at all! I was so happy to see him and so glad they didn't let him stay there and not get better. The doctor is still doing tests because the first ones didn't show much, but I hope he can get better soon. He loves Mexico and loves being a missionary, so we are all sayin' our prayers that he'll get better and be able to go back.

Uncle Stefen has been trying to get Aniston to warm up to him because unfortunately since he left she has developed the shy stuff.

Aniston likes to hang out with the guys sometimes, so she sat with Uncle Stefen while Daddy fixed the Jeep.

Now for little Miss Rae, she's so fun these days and she's a little crazy too!! She is a giggler just like her mommy, and it's fun to get her going. She is also getting into the pretend stuff and makes us and her toys all kinds of stuff to eat. She's starting to use little phrases lately, and she talks non stop all day long. I had her with me in Relief Society (one more month and she goes to nursery...YAY) on Sunday, and she would not stop talking and she was loud too. I put her binky in her mouth, but that didn't do any good because things just came out muffled and louder. The girl needs a volume button sometimes!! She's my little sunshine and Chris and I are both so thankful for her.

We got Aniston a tent because she likes to hide under things and she actually played with this one in Ikea one day and LOVED it.

Of course Aunt Shelbi had to join in the fun and Aniston loved having her in the tent to bounce on and giggle with.

I had to try this fun little tent out too!! It was a little small for me, but Aniston loves having anyone play inside her tent.

Aniston sleeps on her tummy with her bum in the air at night, and as a result all her pee slides down the front of her and sneaks out of her diaper. She takes most of her naps on our bed thanks to "bed wetting" at nights. I think her sheets and mattress cover are about worn out because of daily washings. Any suggestions?

Papa is always so good to help out with Aniston. These are just a few of the things he's helped with...

He let Aniston borrow his socks when I forgot to bring some over when we had Sunday dinner. Funny thing was that she kept them on the WHOLE TIME we were there.

Papa is well known for his hair attempts over the years, this is just another example of his style...bright and bold and unmatched. We love you Papa!


The Payne Family said...

She is so cute. Aren't little girls fun? That stinks about her diaper leaks. Have you tried duct tape around the top? JK I'm not sure what to do. You will have to tell us what works.

Paige and Garret Story said...

man she is so cute!!!! i hope your brother gets better soon! thats no fun at all!

Anonymous said...

Aniston is so cute! That smile is adorable and it looks exactly like it did when she was a baby! You look great too by the way! Hope all is well!