Tuesday, June 29, 2010

before and after

We went to St. George for Memorial Day weekend(which was the weekend before we went to Alaska) to practice vacationing. We did pretty good....
The boys @ the Rieck's house. We had great food, great friends and great conversation! Thanks Joe and Kalli!!
The girls
Grandma, Chris and Aniston.
Grandma Shanna's dog had puppies and Aniston LOVED holding them.
What's a trip to STG without getting in the pool?! Thanks Grandpa for warming it up a bit for us!

We just wanted to draw out the vacationing a bit, so we went down the weekend after the cruise. Actually, we went down for the Summer Games Triathlon. Chris cut 15 minutes off his time from last year!! GO BABE!!!!!
Kiss faces! These girls LOVE hanging out and LOVE each other!
Cute girls!
Ali, Aniston and I swimming! The girls were jumping off the side of the pool to me and I still had a hold on Ali when Aniston got thrown in, so she went down to the bottom of the pool! I couldn't see her, just bubbles, so I hooked her with my foot and pulled her up. After she realized she was ok and that going under water was fun, she said "I just swam like a fish!".
Putting her "lips" on during the car ride. She still LOVES lips and LOVES to smear them all over!

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