Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some summer fun...

Colton and Aniston swimming in our backyard
Driving around with the top off the Jeep. We learned to make sure her hair was pulled back otherwise she doesn't like topless Jeep rides.

Aniston found the squirt bottle at Grammy and Papa's Sunday and her and Chris were squirting the birds that landed on the fence.

Aniston says...
lurk (look)
gurd (good)
curkie (cookie)

she talks all day long, and here are some of the things she chats about...
getting married, she has to marry "somebody nelse" because Daddy is already married
being scared, she seams to be scared of everything, says she can't do things because she is to scared
bossy bossy bossy, she bosses everything and everyone...just like her mom

she still...
has chubbs on her legs and I can't help but pinch it sometimes!
plays with her hair when she is tired
likes to be held and snuggled...love it!
LOVES "lips"
drinks milk like it's going out of style, and LOVES "chalkie" milk the best!

her favorites...
barbies, I think Santa needs to start building a house for them. I found a bunch of my old stuff and you should have seen her eyes light up!
bubble drinks, the 7-11 by our house is frequnted and its name is...the bubble drink store
playing outside, yard work, bubbles, chalk, picnics, she loves it all and she even helped pick up the weeds and put them in the trash without me asking her!
watching princess movies, I will hear her saying lines from the movies and acting some of the scenes out, like Cinderella loosing her glass slipper.

my favorites...
her, spending every day, all day with her
she crawls into bed with me in the morning after Chris leaves and we snuggle!
watching her play, she has such a great imagination
she talks to Shrek and holds his and Fiona's hands and will ask to go to the swamp to see them.
she sings along with so many songs on the radio! her new favorite, love story.

AND, last but not least... Aniston is recognizing her letters! How did my little newborn get to be so big and smart so fast?! She will be 3 before I know it!

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Mackay Family said...

She is just adorable. Good thing she is a helper in the yard...sounds like Tanner. Summer time is the best!