Sunday, July 4, 2010


We're all about bikes at our house these days!
Chris has started a trend and has the rest of us hooked as well.
For our 5 year anniversary this year, I got a road bike from Chris because I was feeling left out.
I had a bad day last week, and Chris bought me more stuff for biking! Not that I like bad days, but hey I got some great stuff out of it!!
We went on our first ride with my new bike, and although it started out crazy we all made it home in one piece.
Chris usually has a bike race on Saturdays, and Aniston is his biggest fan!
He raced this past weekend, and I am glad he made it through and even more thankful the dumb, blind, old man didn't run my honey over on his way home.
I need a picture of my bike, but I wanted it to be all spiffed up before I snap a shot of it!

I rode this sweet tricycle when I was young, and I have peddled around on it with Aniston in my lap a few times before too. It's a tough little thing...

Why do 2 1/2 year olds go through this stage with the camera?? I want family pictures, but not if Aniston is going to look like this in all the photos...

He goes so fast and I think I develop a few ulcers each time he races.

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de Roda Family! said...

She is SO big!! I can't believe how big she looks in the stroller! SO CUTE!! Play time again is needed!!