Tuesday, July 20, 2010

can we say FUN!!

F is for FRIENDS... particularly Rob and Megan
U is for unanamous...because that's how the voting went between the boat and waverunners
N is for necessary...it was VERY. Not hanging out with some people in over a year or even over a week is just bad. Especially when they are one of your besties(or leaving in 5 months...Rob)

Last weekend was just plain fun, and that's how summer should be.
Friday was full of fun. Rob was in town and Aniston and I hung out with him until Chris got home from work. We... went to Walmart, Rob gave a man money for drugs(really it was intended for food, but the guy took the money and walked in the opposite direction), turned on a one way road going the wrong direction and spoke a little French, ate Cafe Rio...yummmmm, and watched a movie!
We all met up at Grammy and Papa's and headed out to the lake. We meaning... Stefen, Bri(his fiance), Chris, Rob and me. We all rocked it; I'll admit it. The boat even started right up!!

the crew...
Chris, Jena Rob
Stefen and Bri (btw, they're getting married!)

Our tricks...
Rob and the back flip attempt
Rob's 360
Chris' grab
Jena's jump
Bri's first attempt
Stefen's barefoot attempt

Saturday we(Chris, Aniston, Rob, Megan,and I) headed up to Park City to ride the Alpine Slide. Aniston was nervous about going, but she loved it. She was saying weee the whole way down, and we were flying! Everyone made it down fast but with no crashes. Chris only had to stop to grab the keys that fell out. We then headed over to Main Street to shop. We also met up with Hutch whom I have not seen in over 2 years. After all that fun, we hurried home so Aniston could take a nap. She was making the 2 single kids NEVER want kids and driving her parents CRAZY!!!!! Rob and Chris ran to buy a stove and Megan and I solved the world's problems(actually just tried to solve our own). After the boys came back we laughed and laughed and laughed some more. Rob left and we were all sad. Hope it's not another year before we see him again. Megan and I ran to Gateway for some retail therapy and an excuse to drive around in the Jeep. Then we snagged a pizza, drinks, treats and a movie.
Can you believe we did all that in a weekend?! Amazing really.

Aniston and the crazy moose
Megan, Aniston and I
Aniston and the bear

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