Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I can't believe I didn't post about this...

Father's day... hello where is my brain these days?! I didn't post a thing about Father's day, how rude am I?
I was talking to Aniston today about the fun 4th of July she had with Daddy and his Dad. We talked about how lucky her daddy was to have 2 dads!
I love what my mom said to me one day. She told me that dads play and interact with their kids when they are in charge and moms multi-task when they are in charge. I really try hard to remember this when I get home and the house is a mess and Aniston can't stop telling me how much fun she has had with her Dad. I wish I was more like a dad!
Dave gave me some great father in-law advise on Father's Day about Aniston...he told me to be grateful I had such a spit-fire daughter who knows what she wants and is in charge and so determined. It will be to her benefit as she grows up, and she will be a leader not a follower. I like that.
My dad is amazing...I am so much like him. So does that make me amazing...not yet! One day I hope to be as mild tempered, hard working, and as giving of my time as he is.
One reason I married Chris is because I knew he would be a great Father. He has so much unconditional love for Aniston, and patience like I've never seen. Aniston loves her sweetheart, and I love him too.
Greg is a very special Father too. He is always so sweet and so happy to see his son! I heard Aniston took a liking to Grandpa too, and that they went on a lot of walks to see the dogs...

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