Wednesday, July 28, 2010

don't want to forget

Aniston calls me and Grammy "your highness" when she is frantic.
She pretends Shrek is with us. He comes most everywhere with us. Aniston holds his hand and loves on him.
Her new favorite movie is Charlotte's Web or "the pig movie" as Aniston calls it.
Her favorite book these days is Frog and Toad.
Aniston loves to have her finger nails and toe nails painted. She gets worried when we wash her hands that the polish is going to come off.
We walked to the bubble drink store a few days ago and got ourselves a drink and a package of Starburst and sat on the lawn of a East High's seminary building to cool off before our long walk home. We enjoyed every last one of those Starburst, and Aniston was opening them all by herself!
Aniston loves nursery. When church is over, she asks to go back to nursery.
She makes sure her shoes ALWAYS match her clothes, love it!
When she sees me putting on my make-up, she has to have some "lashes" too! It's kind of funny when half way through the day she has black smudges under her eyes.
Aniston wears some of my old temple shoes around and calls them her "glass slippers". She will pretend she is Cinderella, and run around the house, fall down, and kick one off. She then leaves it behind so the prince will find it!
We visited a friend of mine and her new baby. Aniston found some change they had and put it in her pocket. When I was helping her put her shoes on to go I noticed there was a little jingle in her pocket. She refused to say she had taken it, she told me it was given to her. I had a little chat about taking people's things that aren't ours while my friend had her head turned trying not to laugh out loud. I didn't think we would have that conversation at such a young age?!
Today we planned to go to the Zoo, but when I told Aniston plans had changed this is what she said to me(in a VERY serious voice) "you already told me we were going to the Zoo 3 times. stop talking mom, don't talk to me anymore."
Aniston still talks about having a brother and sister, but today when I told her that one of our friends had a baby boy, I also asked her if she wanted a brother or sister. She said no, so at least she's not disappointed(at least today) that one hasn't come.
Every time we see a guy on a bike, Aniston gets excited and asks me if it's Daddy. She chats about how daddy rides his bike for Big Ring, and then says "Go Big Ring, Go Daddy!" he's got her trained!!
She LOVES lips, which I have mentioned before many times, and she loves to put gobs and gobs of them on! She also eats it sometimes, YUCK! Aniston will ask for lips millions(I'm not exaggerating either) of times a day, and she always wants to hold them herself. If I don't let her she tries to convince me, by saying the things I say to her as to why I should keep them. If she isn't convincing(she's not) then she throws a fit.
Her newest thing is microphones. She has used her jump rope as one, and then we got her a play one and she is in love! Now her chatting non-stop all day long has an echo!
Aniston has a great intuition, and she will say the cutest things that make my day. Recently she told me "Momma I will take care of you don't worry." I don't worry, she's the best and I, along with Chris, love her!
love love love her..

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de Roda Family! said...

Oh man... SUPER sorry about the Zoo! We will go !!!