Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alaska: the rest of the photos...

Our vacation started at the SLC airport, where Aniston went on her first airplane ride. She loved it and was so excited about getting on the plane. We only had issues when the plane started to descend; her ears hurt her and she was sobbing. I felt awful, but my sister and her hubby are experienced fliers and they had a few tricks. Thanks to the tricks and her "soffy blanket" she made it through. I on the other hand didn't like the flying part but I loved being there with Aniston to experience a first! Chris is awesome; he is the calm one and the one who just goes with the flow.

Getting ready to fly! Notice I'm hanging on to Aniston, probably because I'm scared!!
Big smile!! This girl was so excited about being in the airplane.

We landed in Seattle in the evening and made our way through the airport. Aniston wanted to help with all the bags because there were TONS!!
Helping grammy with her bag.
Aniston got a little tired of walking, so Uncle Christian gave her a ride.
We stayed in this motel that night that my mom and Scott found. It was a dive, but a lot better than sleeping in the airport. I can't even imagine what the night would have been like had we stayed in the airport! We wanted to be in Seattle the day before not only because it was a cheaper flight, but to make sure we didn't miss the boat.

This was our first glimpse of the "Princess Golden"!! It was actually the Golden Princess, but Aniston called it "Princess Golden" so the name stuck. She was our home for 7 days and those were some of best days of my life. No cleaning or cooking and all the Diet Coke I wanted!!

We went to check the place out, and realized the top of the boat was REALLY windy!!
Aniston was shy, crabby, loud, whinny, and unfriendly, but everyone that took care of us was so sweet to her. Our steward, Jurney, tried so hard to make her happy with lots of chocolates, cookies every night, and a towel monkey. She never was very nice to him the little stink!
We got on the boat Saturday afternoon and we sailed that night and all day Sunday. Sunday night Chris and I were chatting and we both were a little worried that the whole experience was going to be awful because there wasn't much going on and Aniston was a handful, BUT once we got into ports and started doing things we realized that we were going to have the time of our lives! Aniston was difficult most of the time, but we made the most of it and I can honestly say that I did have the time of my life with my sweet hubby and wild girl!
Our first formal night. Aren't they cute! Chris, my brothers and brother in-law wore some goober jackets from DI just to spice things up a bit, so that's why Chris' jacket is a little ghetto.
Check out Aniston. She did this in a lot of pictures, and she was especially ornery in the dinning room. Our waiter was so great and tried to talk to Aniston, but she would put her head down anytime anyone tried to talk to her.

Our first shore excursion was to Mendenhall Glacier and the Salmon Hatchery in Juneau, Alaska.
Chris and Aniston at the Salmon Hatchery
Chris and I at the Salmon Hatchery
Completely worn out from all the fun!
We saw a lot of fake bears, but no real ones(thank goodness!!).
Whale watching was sweet even though all you could see was the spray and then the whale's tale. I was hoping for a "Free Willy" shot!

Skagway was my favorite! We took a train ride up White Pass that was amazing! I had a few anxiety attacks due to the height and the fact that you could go out on the "porch" and stand, but it really was so beautiful and so relaxing(safely inside the train car).
OUTSIDE the car(I was stuck like glue to Chris' side)
INSIDE the car

Ketchican was a fun little place and I wish we would have been able to spend more time there. Shelbi, Aniston and I went on a tour of Ketchican in the short time we were there and it was a blast.
I don't have any photos of the boys, but they went on a fishing trip while we were here and Stefen caught a King Salmon!
Here is Papa and Aniston with the horse that pulled us around Ketchican.
My family was so great to help out with Aniston. Christian and Aniston are buddies!

This is what happens when Chris and I are left alone without a child and with the camera. This was our last formal night, and we possibly had too much (water) to drink?!
Our family, we were to cheap to buy the photos the ship takes so this was as good as it got! At least Aniston is looking at the camera AND smiling!
In all the craziness, Christian strikes his pose and looks good doing it!
This was the dining room peeps at table 218. The head waiter, the assistant waiter, and the waiter all tried to get Aniston to talk to them or even smile. As you can see, she wasn't havin' it.

Our last stop was Victoria BC, Canada. After dinner, Mom, Shelbi, and I ran to catch the bus for the Butchart Gardens. I've never seen so many flowers in my life, and every single one was AMAZING!!

I just have to mention that this dang cute jacket is not mine. Thanks Megan!
Mom had been there last August so she was good to POINT out a lot of things that I would have missed otherwise.

I was sad that we would have to get off the boat the next morning. We all had so much fun. By the end of the week we no longer got winded walking up 7 flights of stairs to eat or swim, we knew most of the bar tenders by name, we had at least 2 ice cream cones a day and at least 1 piece of pizza, we didn't stumble when the boat rocked, we all had expanded our stomach capacity enough to have at least 2 deserts at dinner, and had felt like we were in heaven with all the beautiful scenery, good food, nice people, and each other to share it with.
Some things I don't have pictures of...
Tracy arm... no words can begin to describe that place. I'll try though... The ship goes into an area that is full of little icebergs in between 2 mountains to get to a glacier. We saw sea lions all along the way, even babies. We were able to get farther than they had been able to get in a long time and see the glacier close up. It was beautiful! The captain then turned the boat around, and the area was only as big as the boat plus a few feet...yikes! I would have liked to try out the life boats though, they looked like fun!
I'm not big into scenery pictures, so I didn't get a lot of that kind of picture. Just trust me when I say it's beautiful and that you should go there!
Things I want to remember...
Aniston wanted to be carried EVERYWHERE. By the third day, we learned to try and get her to walk up the first 4 or 5 flights of stairs. This not only saved us but she would get worn out walking so much and crash when it was time for a nap or bedtime.
I loved feeling the boat rock in the waves. It would rock me to sleep at night and test my walking skills during the day!
Chris and I slept on bunk beds. We down-graded to a queen awhile back and Chris has talked about getting us a bunk bed ever since, so he got what he wanted for a week.
We went into a gift shop in Skagway and told Aniston she could pick out a toy. She chose a toy train?!
Stefen and I danced and I will NEVER for get it! We danced in the night club to some fast song and I tried to dance like he did. Chris, Dad, Shelbi, and Scott were there and they were laughing so hard. Stefen and I were the only ones dancing, and I never thought my brother would ever do something crazy like that. I was glad I was there to do it with him, and that no one knew us.
I loved being with Chris all day long every day. That's rare with us, so we both enjoyed it!

So, after we were forced to get off the boat(I tried to hide under the bed but they found me), we stayed in Seattle so we could see the sights and extend our vacation. We went on the Duck Boat Tour, went to this science and music museum, ventured out to the Pier and Pike's Place Market, and went to the Aquarium. I'm not a fan of the city; it's pretty dirty and there are a lot of homeless people who got a little to close for comfort. After more than a week of carrying Aniston, we broke down and bought a stroller. Wish we would have brought ours from home!
Aniston LOVED the jelly fish and would have been content to watch them for hours.
Chris tried really hard to get Aniston to touch the star fish, and I think she might have stuck her finger in the water.
While we were at the the aquarium Aniston had to go potty. I took her, and tried to have her sit so her legs wouldn't touch the toliet(I can't stand public restrooms!). I failed! She got pee all over her pants. She wore my mom's jacket around her bottom half and was so upset that she peed her pants. I had to keep telling her that it was my fault and that I was so sorry. Finally she caught on and kept telling me "mommy I so sorry you make me pee in my pants". I'll just let her legs touch the toliet from now on.
Grey's fans does this look familiar??? It's the "hospital" but not really a hospital, it's a business complex.
My two rock stars at the Science/Music museum.
Grammy and Aniston playing the drums at the museum.

I want to go back. I want to be on vacation the rest of my life. I loved spending all day with my family. I loved seeing new things that were breathtakingly beautiful. I hope we can go back soon.


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what a fun trip!

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I love seeing all these pictures! It looks like you guys had a ton of fun!