Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 20, 2011

Gram had us over for some pre-Easter celebrating. We colored eggs and went on an Easter egg hunt(inside). Then Papa came inside and he and Aniston got right down to business and played! They ran around the house chasing each other and played with the collection of animals. I love watching them and listening to Papa "talk them". He has such a great imagination and gets Aniston giggling with all the funny things he says and does. Those two love Miss Aniston and are always so good to her. I know she adores them too!

Grammy had to get creative with her hiding spots because she was limited thanks to the rain.

Evidence that Papa has a great imagination. When the horse broke his front legs, it was Papa to the rescue with what he could find around the house. He even added a nice soft seat for the princesses that ride around on this horse.

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