Sunday, April 10, 2011


So far April has kept us busy. Chris is finishing up his last semester and getting excited to get the long awaited Bachelor's degree. I just finished the application/enrollment process to finish my prerequisites for the Ultrasound Tech program. Chris is excited to take a year off, and I am nervous to finish what I started almost 8 years ago(just a little different area of the medical field). We both just received callings. Chris is the Young Men's secretary and I am the sacrament program printer outer(I'm jealous!). My favorite part of the month so far...riding the bike trainer. It's our only time alone together, and although we've both got our ear phones in, we're together(and he makes me ride faster)!

Aniston is now signed up for preschool. Too bad it doesn't start until September. She just shortened another person's name...Shelbs.
Lately, she talks about...
eating lunch with Katie and Becky. she got spoiled after lunch when they took her to Target and bought her lips and jewelry. those 2 are the best!!

growing her hair as long as Rapunzel's
quoting and pulling moves like Vector(Despicable Me)
directing what everyone says...Daddy say or Mommy say...
going to Costco. she loves Costco, especially their hot dogs and samples. we went there just the other day after she helped me make the list by writing...

going to AZ to visit Stefen and Bri, see Shelbi and going swimming, she says she just loves Arizona
"spitting out" she experienced this for the first time since she stopped "spitting up" as a baby

The things she says are hysterical. She chatters like she's a grown up. She catches onto things and incorporates them in her daily conversations. Can't believe how big she is and acts!!

Did I mention her love for shopping, and that she makes the best shopping buddy. I have to let her ride a few rides because shopping with me is usually stressful!

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