Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm not sure how I got talked into the 12 hour drive to and from, but now that we're home I'm not sure why I ever thought it wouldn't be worth it. Grammy, Aniston and I got in the trusty Focus and drove, with the help of a M-A-P, down to Phoenix, AZ. I was blessed with a little traveler(she takes after her dad). Aniston was GREAT the entire drive, down and back home, and the entire time we were there! We got to stay with Shelbi in her "shotel" room, which Aniston may think is Shelbi's house?! Stefen and Bri live pretty close, and we were able to spend time with them too. It was fun to get away from the cold, wear shorts, see family, swim, and do some scrap booking.
Paige, AZ...half way there!!

Friday April 15th: Phoenix Zoo

Aniston made sure she got to hold hands with Stefen and Bri, she was so excited to see them!!

the "carouself" was Aniston's favorite

this zoo has camel rides, how cool is that?!
We ended the night out on the town... Olive Garden NEVER disappoints!

Saturday, all the girls got to take a scrapbook class. Shelbi taught the one I went to, I should have known better. She introduced me and on more than one occasion drew attention to me, something I can do without. It was really fun and I forgot how much time it takes to make pages look cute(that's why I blog now). We also got to spend lots of time at the pool and soaked up more than our fair share of rays. Aniston and I also ventured out on our own, with the map, to find a grocery store. We made it, and also got a taste of what it's like to shop outside of UT. There is so much alcohol EVERYWHERE, I felt pressured to buy it for some reason(it was in my face, everywhere I looked!!).

Sunday we spent the day at Stefen and Bri's. We swam, once again soaked up more sun than necessary, and they made us a delicious dinner. Shelbi and I regressed into our big sister state of mind and forced Stefen into joining in on some "facial hair removal", he was a good sport.

Monday came faster than I thought. We took our time leaving the "shotel", and stopped and ate some delicious food before dropping Shelbi off at the airport.

Then, using our map, Grammy and I found our way out.
Half way home, the traveling princess and her happy face!
Because we took our sweet time getting on the road, we had to drive late. We hit some pretty interesting weather, not the hot AZ sun we were used to. I also had an encounter with a moth, in the car, while driving, in a rain storm, in a mountain pass. I gave that moth the perfect opportunity to get out(window down), and he refused. Grammy gave me a wipe to swat him out, but he hid. 2 semi trucks passed us during this event, thank goodness the water their tires were spraying didn't get in the car. That moth finally got the hint, better late than never I guess. Aniston enjoyed to cold wind, and got mad when the moth flew away and the window went back up.
We all had a blast. Can't wait 'til AZ shares the sun shine with UT, particularly SLC!!

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