Thursday, November 17, 2011

We're pretty excited about the snow, at least Aniston and I are. Chris is a little worried about getting in his riding time, but that just means more trips to STG!
The first snow made that smile on Miss Aniston's face a little bigger! She wanted to skip school and play in the snow!

Grandma, Joc, and River came up just in time to play in the snow with Aniston! She was super excited to have River there to play with, and was sweet and let him wear some of her snow gear.

Little Missy has been a real trooper these days. All our running around wears her out too! I love, love, love that she still plays with her hair when she is falling asleep. The only downside is the knots!

We do sneak in as much fun as we can! Aniston picked out this fun game for family night that she got last Christmas. She followed directions perfectly!

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