Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I have no photos to prove our Thanksgiving Day adventure, but it was an adventure and something we'll always remember. Because I had to work that night, I asked Grammy if we could just go out to eat. We went to the Crazy Buffet and ate all the Chinese food our bellies could handle. Then we went to Papa and Grammy's and had homemade pie. Aniston spotted some horses on the way home that looked like they needed a few of Papa's apples, so her, Grammy and I fed them(Grammy actually gave them the apples and Aniston and I watched).

Friday morning we headed to St. George for some left over turkey dinner and a visit to the Jones family. The weather was so nice, that Chris brought the other woman in his life-the bike, and took her for a 3+ hour spin. Aniston played and played and played with her cousins.
Aniston doin' a little exercise before bed

Now we're all ready for Christmas! This year there is a little extra anticipation; Scott, Shelbi, Elsi, Stefen, and Bri will be coming for Christmas!
Aniston picked out her own tree and decor for her room, and she is so proud of it! She was a huge help with all the other Christmas decorations around the house, and she continues to move things around to get them in just the right spot.

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