Monday, December 12, 2011

Festival of Trees

This was a first for both Aniston and I. I was really excited to go because...
* I knew Aniston would love looking at all the Christmas trees
** I wanted to see the 2 trees Allison decorated
Grammy came with us, and all 3 of us had a really great time. The trees were amazing!

Aniston LOVED this Barbie tree; not at all surprising!
These are the trees Allison decorated. They represent her twin nieces, one on earth and one in heaven. These trees brought back memories, and also gratitude for the opportunity that her family has to have Justice.

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Ally Cox said...

Hey Jena, Thanks so much for putting my trees in your post! I was totally surprised to see them! :-) I am glad you guys had fun at the Festival. My kids loved it this year too, especially Caden! I think Caden preferred the Thomas tree over the Barbie tree but I thought that Barbie tree was pretty incredible, end expensive! On bid night I think it was being auctioned for nearly $2,000!!!!