Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas is STG

We headed down to STG this past weekend to visit the Jones family(and bike in the "warmth"). Aniston played and played and played, she even got to see Ali's new house and play there! Chris biked, but didn't get far when his tire flatted just down the street. I visited with friends, and did some last minute Christmas shopping. The best part was seeing family! We got to see Grandma and Grandpa Jones, and that made our weekend!
Grandma put the girl's hair in curlers, Ali loved it but Aniston wasn't a fan.
Aniston loves to play with her cousins, and she loves Grandma's dogs. This trip she got brave and held the puppy!

Aniston loves playing with the nativity scene, so whether it's at home, Grammy's, or Grandma's, that's the first thing she goes for. She is learning about the nativity as she plays, and it's so cute to listen to her act out the story and put in her own twists! At Grandma's, Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus took a Jeep ride. They went to find "the perfect Christmas tree", and Joseph got a little bored with the long trip and asked Mary "are we there yet?". Then, all 3 had to leave, "because Eyring says there's a tax on Europe".

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Bywater said...

Oh, dear, I love the nativity story, I am laughing quite hard!