Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve

{Dec. 24th 2011}
The Bolanders were all together on Christmas this year. I loved every second of it because I love when things are similar to how they "used to be". It's also an added bonus that we get to celebrate in my grandparent's house, which is where we always celebrated Christmas Eve growing up.
Dinner was delicious, and the program was top notch.

{the preparations}

Shelbi finished up her wrapping.
Elsi got lots of attention!
Aniston was entertained by the plastic bubbles.
Stefen mashed and seasoned the potatoes with some adult supervision.
There was some last minute shopping.
Aniston requested feeding duty!

{the program}

the Nativity(Shelbi was the donkey)

Aniston, the ballerina, danced to the Nutcracker

{opening presents}

{family photo}

test shot
the whole gang!

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Mackay Family said...

I love the pictures of her dancing to the Nutcracker. Such a cute performer!