Monday, December 12, 2011

All I want for Chritmas...

Aniston's list keeps growing. It started out pretty simple, but the more we're out shopping, the longer her list gets. She wanted to make sure Santa knew she wanted 2 things at the pharmacy, so she came up with the idea of taking them to him when she goes to sit on his lap. Since that plan was a bit on the law-breaking side, I asked her if I could just take her picture with them and send Santa a text with the 2 photos. She agreed; thank goodness for modern technology!!

***This pharmacy gets frequent visits from us. Aniston loves to look in the "kid" section. It's just around the corner from the prescription pick-up, so one day Aniston asked if she could look at the toys while I got my prescription. Against my better judgement, I allowed her out of my sight. I really try to avoid potentially risky situations, situations in which something could happen to Aniston, I could have a massive panic attack, or both. It took me longer than usual(and the anxiety was building as I waited for them to get my prescription), and all of a sudden I could hear here calling for me in a panicked voice. I left the counter and went looking for her and couldn't find her where I left her. I started yelling her name(embarrassing and a bit over the top). It was an awful few seconds, and then I found her not far from the "kid" section. Poor girl had tears running down her face, and was just as panicked as I was. She now gets a chance to look at the kid toys before we go to the counter. It's better for both of us that way!

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the de Roda Family! said...

You are so good! ( I think I know that pharmacy!! LOVE it too) Dylan tried to keep his list growing, but I told him Santa only brings ONE present... he didn't like that! Your pics are great, LOVE the festival of trees... thanks for showing pics since I didn't get there this year. Miss you guys!