Saturday, June 6, 2009

Did you teach her that?

Aniston got some fun little Mickey Mouse "Go Fish" cards the other day, and she was playing with them tonight while we were at my parent's house. She picked one up and said "eight" and sure enough it had the #8 on it. Chris and I looked at each other VERY puzzled...she knows how to count but we didn't think she could identify numbers. So Chris picked up another card and asked Aniston what number was on it "four". Sure enough, it had the #4 on it. My parents came in and sat down and Chris kept showing her cards and asking her what numbers were on them, and she knew all but one or two. I asked my mom if she had been teaching Aniston numbers, and she said no and so did my dad. Chris and I haven't really worked with her on them either, so we all came to the conclusion that Mickey taught her. She watches the Disney Chanel every morning while she eats breakfast, and Mickey does a lot of counting and so do the other shows. She must have picked it up from those. I've been feeling guilty because she watches TV every day, but heck if it will help her learn things that are good then I'm all for it. I think also that I underestimate her abilities and need to work with her on more things. She's such a smart little cookie so I think we'll start with a little adding and subtracting next week (hahaha)!

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Paige and Garret Story said...

that is so cool! go mickey!!!! she is so smart! and you shouldn't feel guilty in any way you are a great mother just look how smart your daughter is and you know tv didnt teach her all that she knows!!!