Tuesday, June 2, 2009

silly little flirt

I took Aniston swimming last night with my family for family night, and she was so much more relaxed this time! She had a lot of fun, and did a little flirting as well. This pool has a 10 minute time-out so while Aniston and I were sitting a little 4 or 5 year old boy was standing by us and this was the conversation:
Aniston- "Hi boy!"
boy- "hi"
Aniston- "wha doin'?"
boy- "I've been swimming like CRAZY!"
Aniston- "swimmin'!"
I asked him if he had gone down the slide.
boy- "I've gone down the slide like 100 times!"
Aniston- "cool!"
Then the boy walked away. What a FLIRT!! She had such a little flirty voice and was leaning forward and giggling too. What the heck...she's not even 2! Like mother like daughter I guess.

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