Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Thank you to all of you that left comments about potty training. I'm a little less of a basket case, and Aniston is wearing panites and a the same time. I think this is what will work best for her and I. After no sucess for a whole day and a half, I put the diaper back on and the panties over the top. Today was better... THREE POTTIES IN THE TOLIET!!! and a few wet diapers, but Aniston isn't having as many "come aparts" and neither am I. We're going to take it slow, who knows if that's the right way to do it?!

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Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

Potty Training is the most stressful and un-fun thing you do as a Mom, but once it's done you will be relieved! You just have to know your child well enough to know how it will work for them. I put her in a dress ALL the time with NOTHING on underneath. I cleaned up one accident on the floor and then she would always RUN when she had to go. It did that for about a week and she was going potty on her own and realizing she needed to go potty all by herself. Also It took Alan to help me NOT ask or FORCE Emma to go potty and she was potty trained. Still to this day, if you ask her to go potty she WILL NOT do it. The bribing worked a little, but it was just relaizing she wanted to do it, but on her own time without someone asking her. Once she was trained during the day it took about 2-3 months before she was dry all night, I would just use a pull-up until she would go potty before bed and right when she woke up. Just remember that no matter how you do it, it takes time and be prepared for accidents!! They are inevitable and ANNOYING!!!!! Good LUCK!