Monday, June 22, 2009

St. George

We went to St. George again this weekend for Trevor(Chris' brother) and Brooke's wedding. It was a lot of fun, even though we were going going going the whole time. We got to St. George with a few hours to get ready, which for me isn't enough time when I have to get 2 people ready. Thank goodness my sister was there to help, and that I have an amazing husband that isn't above the duties that come with children!! We made it just in time for pictures, which with two little flower girls that are in their terrible 2's (Aniston hit hers a little early and Ali will be out of them by December...hahaha) it made things interesting. Then came the wedding, and Aniston wasn't about to walk down the isle, but she made it a little ways thanks to Aunt Shelbi and a cracker. Ali was hysterical when she made her entrance. She had a cracker in one hand, and the basket with flower petals in the other. When it was time to throw the flower petals, she sat the basket down and threw out a few stinkin' cute!! Then came the BEAUTIFUL bride...Brooke looked like a princess!! It was a pretty wedding, and things went well.
We did a little swimmin', but the wind made it cold, and the clouds hid the sun off and on. Aniston still is kind of freaked out by the water, but she doesn't like getting out and talks about "swimmin" constantly, so she must like it.
I hit up an awesome sale at Children's Place, and started on Aniston's Fall/Winter wardrobe. I love sales and love buying Aniston clothes! It's too bad she grows out of them so fast, and that I already have to go exchange some for bigger sizes. I bought 3T thinking that would be plenty big for the girl. Oh no, some of the pants I got fit NOW. She's not even 2, come on!!
So now we're back home, and wishing we didn't have to be back already. There are always so many people we want to visit, but things are just so crazy when we go down there and it makes me sad that we don't get to do more. Hopefully we will get to sometime soon!!

The drive was so nice thanks to Aunt Shelbi's entertaining skills. Aniston is a major shade lover...she has more pairs than Chris and I combined!!

Family photo at the wedding.

Aniston and another flower girl heading down the isle. Too bad this was about as far as Aniston got before she fell down and gave up.

The pretty bride and handsome groom.

The boys...Chris, Trevor, and Rob

Aniston dancin' with Uncle "Treber".

Aniston relaxin' in the pool...hahaha hardley!! She was freakin' the whole time she was on the mat.

This makes me laugh HYSTERICALLY!!!! My two little bugs in the pool.

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Andrew and Heather said...

Hey!!! We went to St George last weekend for a wedding too! Your little girl is just a doll! I found out this last weekend your in my cousins ward...Molly Jones is her name, she went to Taylorsville as well.