Saturday, May 17, 2008

Good Night ZZZZ...

I officially completed my first night shift of my life! The only other time I stayed awake all night long was when I was in labor with Aniston, so I guess you could say that I only stay awake all night when babies come into the world. I LOVE my new job, and being with all those new moms and there sweet little bundles of joy is so awesome! It DOESN'T make me want to have another baby though, because it's definitely hard work and reminds me just how demanding those little ones are. Right now I just work in postpartum with the moms that have just delivered and the babies. I get the moms drinks and help them with whatever they need. I take LOTS of vitals on the babies and thank goodness only once on the poor moms that are SOO tired. I would have to say that the worst part is waking them up at 6am and taking their vitals. I give the babies baths at 2am (wierd, but they need their baths), and weigh them and take vitals. Some of them stay in the nursery all night, so I feed them bottles every 2 hours. When the babies are in the nursery, I get to do whatever care they need. If they stink I change them, if they cry I hold them- it's the best job EVER!! I am looking forward to my next shift, and to be honest I am doing well considering I have only had about 4 hours of sleep in the last 36 hours (I hope this post makes sense, and if it doesn't I'm blaming it on lack of sleep). Aniston did really well last night without her Mom and Chris survived too. Chris is just grateful that I came home NOT wanting another one any time soon!!

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