Friday, May 9, 2008

Our new news

We have a few "news" to let everyone know about and we are so excited for this new news! We will have a NEW address starting June 16th! We will send everyone our new address once we move into our apartment at the University of Utah. We decided to take the leep and go out on our own, and although we are a bit hesitant we can't wait. I got a NEW job at the Alta View hospital in Labor and Delivery as a nurse's aid. I couldn't be happier as this job is my dream. I will start work the end of the month. It's 2 nights a week, so although it will require an adjustment we are thankful that Ansiton won't have to go to a babysitter. Chris decided to go with a NEW major, so instead of Biology he will be getting his Bachelors of Exercise Physiology. He will be able to do more with it, and it's also A LOT more interesting. Aniston has a NEW funny face she likes to pull. That's the face in this picture we have posted, and it's hysterical. She brings us so much happiness, and we are truly happy for all the fun NEW things we will be embarking on!

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