Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Aniston has always had some wild hair, and just this past week it's been a blast trying new things with her hair. I have been making clips for her hair because she now has enough to slide one in. Last week I tried a pony tail for the first time, and although it's VERY thin I think it's spunky so we've been pulling her hair up into a pony tail a lot. Sunday she had one in and when I took it out to go to bed her hair stuck straight up and I could not get it to go down. Then yesterday morning after her bath it was still sticking up, so we went with the spiked look becuase there was no choice. She doesn't really like to get her hair done, and she's always pulling headbands and clips out, so most of my day is spent doing her hair because I want her to get used to them and like to have her hair all done up. She's a stubborn little thing, so this has been a challenge. But I'm grateful for the challenge; it could be so much worse.

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Tony & Bet said...

I can't believe how big she is! She is so dang cute!!