Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter and such

Easter was a bit different this year...Chris went on a bike trip with his work and Aniston and I went to Orderville with my family. We all had a great time, and Easter was awesome!! Aniston loved the church bag with toys and candy(I didn't bring a basket for the Easter Bunny to fill, so he improvised). She also had a blast finding Easter eggs. She was picking up the eggs and slamming them in her Easter bag like a mad woman!!
Things are kind of crazy right now with the end of the semester. Chris and I just finished research papers, and we're preparing for the finals. I'm lucky I only have one and it's open book. Poor Chris has 3 or 4...bummer dude. Aniston is sleeping in her big girl bed again. Last time she did was the post I did. Since then I have been nervous cuz that night she woke up choking on some spit up and then was sick for 3 days after that...must have been the bed right?!haha So today I pulled it down and she took her nap on it. She went right to sleep, then called for me to come get her when she woke up! She honestly is the best girl! She's obsessed with counting and can count to 20 with help. She counts EVERYTHING!! She is getting better with putting words together, and says more and more words every day. She also repeats things like "oh cap"(oh crap)and whatever else she feels like. She sings "I la temple" and Twinkle Twinkle. She says her ABC's but doesn't have all the letters down yet, but it's cute to hear her version. She says little prayers lately, she'll fold her arms and put her head down and mumble her little gibberish. It cracks me up!! She is a doll and I can't get enough. She's also been giving the best squeezes, she wraps her arm around both Chris and I and says "owwww" TO CUTE!!

Happy Easter!! Aniston LOVES my sister!! The whole time we were in Orderville all she wanted to do was hang with Shelbi.

Aniston loves swings, so we went to the Elementary in Orderville and played on the swings and playground.

Aniston was so excited to find a chair her size... she tought it was the coolest thing!! The Orderville house is full of fun stuff!

We colored eggs late Saturday night and although Aniston was totally exhausted, she got to color a few.

Chris had a pretty good time biking, but was bummed about all the rain. He was just glad to get out with one of his good friends from St. George and play on the bikes. This in one of many bikes that he wants...maybe one day!!

Toga Fashion Show
Aniston put on a little fashion show and even included a turn at the end of the runway. This is the new look after she gets dry after a bath. She walks around all stiff so the towel won't fall off, and she thinks it's the coolest thing ever!!

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