Sunday, April 5, 2009

my lucky little princess

I just love good deals and kind people!! A friend from work called me the other day and offered a kitchen and a new mattress to me and I just couldn't pass them up! The mattress...brand new. The kitchen... well taken care of!! So we picked them up and brought them home and my little princess has been in heaven since. Might I add that we also scored a little piano that is an extra special treat, and not to annoying. Aniston slept on her big girl mattress last week, and she was LOVIN' life! She went right to sleep after we read books! She plays with the kitchen every day and makes some killer soup with plastic cookies, lettuce, mustard, etc. She's figured out the piano, and plays some pretty radical tunes while she shakes her booty!
I've been workin' on some new stuff for Aniston's room, and I am so excited to put it all together. Chris just got a new project added to his list... a bed frame for Aniston. He's so awesome when it comes to building stuff, so I can't just go out a buy stuff... it won't compare!

Yay her very own kitchen!! PLEASE notice she actually has a headband on her head...gasp!! She left it on the whole time too...AMAZING!!

Check her out, she's in her very own big girl bed!!

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Paige and Garret Story said...

you cant get any cuter then her! man oh man! it was so good to see you guys this weekend! there is no way we are waiting another year to get together!