Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My cute sister and her hubby called and invited Aniston and I hiking for Family Night. We met them at a trail and started up and I mean up. Aniston still doesn't walk extremely well, and when there is dirt and rocks it is a challenge. She not only trips and nearly falls, but she LOVES to play with rocks and dirt so she is always stopping for one reason or another. Oh and did I mention that my sister was there...Aunt Shelbi has to give Aniston her full attention. So, if Aniston doesn't want to walk/hike, she'll only let Aunt Shelbi carry her and if anyone else tries she lets the whole world know she's TICKED!! Needless to say, Aniston makes for really good bear repellent with her loud belting screams and shrills. We hiked for about an hour, and it was a fun and good activity to get out and enjoy the beautiful mountains. My sister and I got a great workout carrying Aniston (I made her let me carry her so my sister wouldn't pass out), and Scott lost some of his hearing trying to give Shelbi and I a break. We really did have a good time and Ansiton was content to be around Shelbi and to play and yell at Olive.

Aniston at the top of the trail

Shelbi, Ansiton and Olive enjoying the pretty mountains.

Ansiton wasn't interested it staying by us, so she has the death wrap so she wouldn't jump off the side of the mountain.

I told my sister and her hubby they should use this picture in their Christmas card...hahaha

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