Friday, October 14, 2011

crazy fun

Aniston likes to do homework, and she will even does mine for me!
She's still working on her Rupunzel hair, but until it gets that long she's sticking with the towel. It was really hard to get it off her head once she was asleep. Every time we tried, she would wake up!
We had a blast with our cousins at the "Maquarium".
We had to have twinner toes! Aniston was a little upset that she couldn't get gel toe nails, so we did the best we could with the polish at our house!
She loved getting a pedi from Mom!

With all the craziness at our house, we're still havin' fun...
Chris has fun too, he's been practicing hard for Cross races.

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Ally Cox said...

That picture of Aniston and Caden is too cute! I totally need a copy. And we need to get together again soon. Caden asks about Aniston all the time!