Monday, October 17, 2011

funny 4 year old

There's no doubt that Aniston and I have similar personality traits. She is bossy, sassy, persistent, impatient, and stubborn. She also likes to clean, most of the time, just like her mom.
This is a mild mess compared to some, but she had it cleaned up pretty fast.

She's also pretty good at leaving her stuff strewn all over the house, just like her Dad. But, they BOTH clean up after themselves.

Aniston is pretty darn funny, just like her Dad. She's always saying the funniest things and catching us off guard with a few others:
***"Here is your proof, drink it Mom," as she hands me one of my perfume bottles shaped like a flask.
***"You shouldn't," is a common smart-alick response.
***"Oh no! Are you going to have to sell yourself?" she said this after we got home and I realized I had missed the visiting teachers.
***Chris woke up one morning to Aniston saying "what the hell Chris!"
***One of my sweet friends from work watched Aniston one day for us and she has a Halloween village on her piano that caught Aniston's attention. She told Paige "This house is magical!"
***Another sweet friends from work, that has been my saving grace this semester, watches Aniston a bunch for us. Her son Tyler and Aniston are in preschool together, which has been so fun! Tyler and Aniston play pretty good together, but their preschool teacher put it best when she told us they act like brother and sister. Aniston is always causing drama and Tyler likes to pester her, I love it!


briwh1 said...

O my goodness I love what she told chris! Aniston cracks me up.

Ally Cox said...

I wish my kids knew how to clean up like she does! AMAZING!