Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cross-Oct. 1st

Cross season is upon us. I love this time of year and love watching Chris race(even if I do get nervous watching). Oct. 1st was the first race, and I was excited to watch Chris race in spite of the fact that I had just worked all night. Chris had some mechanical problems right from the start, something about a valve. It made us all uptight, and Chris ended up having to switch wheels which I am told screwed up the tune-up his friend had just done on the bike the night before. Despite the "issue", Chris lined up to start and was off! Things went pretty well at first, but then went down hill for all of us...

Chris' bike wasn't shifting right
Aniston had drank a drink she was told not to drink until later
I was feeling the fuzz, the fuzz you get when you haven't slept in 24+ hours
Chris wasn't able to "mash" because his bike would shift when he did
mashing+shifting issue= problem
Aniston had to go to the bathroom
I was so out of it, short tempered, and unaware of where the bathrooms were

We left right after Chris crossed the finish line. Let's just say that NONE of us were in the good mood we came with, Aniston learned the hard way that you don't pee in public, and I gave myself the "mother of the year award" for not taking my child to the bathroom that was right in front of my face(I was so, so tired but that's no excuse for not looking). Chris was disappointed and I'm pretty sure we're going to have to beg him to let us come and watch in the future.

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