Monday, October 17, 2011

one and only time

I don't think I'll ever set myself up for this kind of project again. I have never been so frustrated with something crafty in all my crafting. At one point, Chris and Aniston had to leave the room. I think I hit my thumb with the hammer more times during this project than Papa has his whole life!

I started these chairs last year sometime. I had high hopes for a retro style table and chairs that Shelbi was getting rid of before the big move to the Windy City. Chris tried to tell me I was getting in pretty deep, but that made me more determined(I haven't changed a bit from my teens). I did give up on the table, but not completely. Papa still has it, and it catches my eye every time.
So after stripping the old fabric off, sanding off the rust, painting all the metal gray, Chris cutting new boards for the chair backs and seats, cutting foam, finding fabric for the chairs and getting it cut out, putting the foam on and stapling the fabric and plastic covering on, and then finally pounding each brad into the chair backs, I finally finished them, over a year after I started. They are done! There are a few issues but nothing a little super glue can't fix!

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