Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween concert @ Cottonwood High School 2011

This is the last Halloween concert from the Bolander boys. Kind of sad to think about. My brothers are both talented musicians, and it's been fun to watch them! My favorite is Jazz Band, especially when they solo. Christian used the Cru Jones costume(so glad it has had multiple uses!!). He looked rad, as usual. His solo was rad as well. Aniston loved it! She was bouncing around the whole time!
Solo time, gotta strut your stuff when you walk down to the mic!
I hope he knows how rad he is, but I'm thinking he does in this shot.
His solo was awesome, couldn't even tell his sax was broken!

Bouncing beauty! She didn't stop moving the whole time we were there, she was lovin' every second!

Amber always has a bunch of costumes she changes throughout the concert, it's fun to see what she comes up with.
This I'll never get over, I'm still giggling about it! As I'm looking around I see this kid...

I'm thinking, wow this kid has Bieber Fever!!, but then I look closer. Bieber Fever kid has a pirate costume on. What? I had to take his picture, he's a perfect look-a-like! I asked Christian about him, and he just laughed. Says the kid is way nice and just so happens to look like Bieber without even trying.

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